Organise a Tea Time Thé Tip Top at your home!

What is a Tea Time?

Tea Time is a tradition that originated in England and consists of sharing moments with loved ones over a cup of tea and sweets.

At Thé Tip Top, we offer to organise Tea Time at your home with the help of our home sellers! You will have the opportunity to :

  • discover or rediscover our Thé Tip Top teas;
  • learn how to prepare each tea;
  • to spend a convivial moment with your family and friends;
  • order your favourite teas from your Thé Tip Top advisor!

Whether you are already familiar with our products or not, our Tea Times are made for you!


Become a hostess: your advantages!



The hostess receives a thank you gift for every Team Time and additional gifts depending on the number of guests.



Depending on the number of purchases made during your Tea Time, the hostess benefits from promotions on our products.


A convivial moment

Organising a Tea Time allows you to spend an original moment with your friends and family while benefiting from the advice of our Tip Top Tea consultants.

Tea Time meetings: how does it work?


Step 1: The date of the Tea Time

Contact one of our home sellers and choose a date according to your preferences!


Step 2: The invitations

Invite your friends, family and neighbours to Tea Time! Remember, the more guests you have, the more gifts you will get.  


Step 3: The treats

Prepare little treats for your guests!


Step 4: Tea Time

Enjoy Tea Time with your guests! Our home sellers will take care of everything.

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